Introduction of LifelogViewer

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LifelogViewer is an application to manage your lifelog.
You can manage/browse your large photo collection by using calendar interface and map interface.
Please try to use LifelogViewer if you have following experiences:
  • Difficulty to manage your photo collections
  • Difficulty to find a target photograph
You can manage/browse your large photo collection by using calendar interface and map interface.
The main function of LifelogViewer is as follows:
  • You can manage photographs, videos and texts on the calendar.
  • You can manage photographs which are geocoded on the map interface (Google Maps).
  • You can browse photographs, videos and texts by yearly mode, monthly mode, daily mode, random mode and so on
  • You can see 365 days' photographs at a same time
  • You can see photographs and texts by slide show mode.
  • You can see all of the photographs randomly in the screensaver mode.
  • You can annotate to the photograph only to input text on slide show mode.
  • You can search annotated photographs or filter to show only annotated photographs.
  • You can do neighboring search by double click of right button.
  • ...

Please try to use LifelogViewer if you are in difficulty to manage digital photographs.
You can view taken photographs by using You can import photgraphs from the digital camera into LifelogViewer only by two clicks.
Then, you can browse and manage them easily.

Please use this system at your own risk.

LifelogViewer uses jpegtran.exe developed by Independent JPEG Group's in order to rotate JPEG images.

Convenient usage

  • You can journey to your memories.
    • You can manage photographs and texts on the calendar interface.
      • Check your baby's growing easily by LifelogViewer.
      • Check and review your diet modifications only to take photographs of breakfast, lunch and dinner and to see them on the calendar.
      • Remember who you met by taking his or her photograph.
      • Remember what happened this month by taking photographs or clipping the news.
    • Various view mode (daily view mode, monthly view mode, yearly view mode, ...)
    • You can create photo diary easily to input text during slideshow mode.
    • Auto navigation mode invites you to the world of sweet memories.
    • You can collect text and pictures on the Web by drag-and-drop operation.
    • You can search annotated photographs on the calendar by using Namazu.
    I believe that LifelogViewer holds the promise of huge variety of usages.
    Please teach me if you find new convienint usages.



    Intended for ...

    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • If the system is not worked in your computer, please install Gdiplus.dll. You can download this dll from this URL